The health dangers of formula drinks


In the year 2022, the cumulative effects of  overpopulation, pollution and some apparent climate catastrophe has caused severe worldwide shortages of food, water and housing. Their food “Soylent Green” consists of various synthetic substances of unknown origin. Natural food is only available to the rich elite.


Movie plot of the 1973 sci-fi film “Soylent Green”. There’s a dark secret about Soylent ( people).


In 2014 a meal replacement drink company called Soylent is being founded. It’s supposed to be a time-saving and nutritionally superior food, designed for human needs, without the unhealthy sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats. Soylent founder Rob Rhinehart's altruistic goal is to end world hunger (analogous to Bill Gates' vaccine plans). It would make all the annoying cooking and money-wasting eating-out in restaurants redundant. Long-time goal is to fit all daily nutritional needs into one pill.

Soylent is one of countless synthetic  protein shakes that are recommended by health experts and heavily advertised for as the sustainable food of the future.


 What was the inspiration for this? Did you see someone in a coma with a feeding tube, and you thought,  'I'll have what he's having? Stephen Colbert


News headlines 2017: Canada Bans Soylent for Not Being Real Food



I. Introduction


Astronaut food was developed under the hypothesis that humans wouldn’t actually need natural food, but only it’s containing chemicals and elements, ideally in a fragmented form. The idea was to create a superior and perfectly balanced food inside a lab.

Those notions came out the reductionistic, materialistic and mechanistic worldview of modern medicine, which has no comprehension of nature’s complexity and no insights into human needs.


Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less in human beings of whom they know nothing. -Voltaire


Modern nutritional sciences consists of many myths, that turn out to be false. The guidelines are suited for profit interests of the industries and detrimental to human health.


II. Digestibility


A myth among doctors is that drinks like Ensure and Soylent are “predigested”. This misconceptions is derived from the simplistic assumption that the digestion process is nothing but the splitting up of food into it’s constituents.

The heavy feeling reported by consumers and manufacturers is testimony these drinks give you false satiety cues, are actually hard to digest and unsuitable for weight gain.For the same reasons the same drinks are advertised for weight loss as well.


III. Toxicity


Formula drinks have side effects like diarrhea, constipation, nausea, fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, bloating,  mood swings, edemas,  shortness of breath,  irregular heart beat, osteoporosis and unintendedweight loss, what makes many brands only available on prescription as a medicine.


pharmakon  φάρμακον:

1. medicine

2. something, that harms, poison

3. something that has inexplicable effects, potion


Doctors and manufacturers promise easier weight gain or weight loss, while avoiding malnutrition. Patients are expected to endure all the negative side effects as with all medicine.


Patient adjective [Latin patiens.]

1. Having the quality of enduring evils without murmuring or fretfulness; sustaining afflictions of body or mind with fortitude, calmness. It is followed by of before the evil endured. Webster's Dictionary 1828

The explanation for the side effects is the high toxicity of most of the ingredients.


III. Bioavailability


A further disadvantage is the lower bioavailability of artificial or inorganic minerals and vitamins. Synthetics do not get absorbed by the body in the same way as natural vitamins because they have been “isolated”—they are separated from the entire vitamin complex and trace minerals and enzymes. What a synthetic vitamin is lacking, the body tries to make up for by itself and depletes its existing nutrients in the process


In hospitals only blood serum levels are being tested which are antiquated and not effective in detecting nutritional deficiencies. The measured levels are deceptive as they differ from intracellular levels.


IV. Missing micronutrients


Up to now 60 essential minerals and 16 essential vitamins are known. Formula drinks usually contain only around 28 of the most important vitamins and minerals, hardly any secondary plant substances, no enzymes or prebiotics. It is to be expected that in future further food compounds and effect mechanisms will be discovered.


V. Pathogenity


Formula drinks damage the gut biome, and cause a long time weakened immune system and intestinal distress.

They are extremely acidifying to the body, and thereby create the ideal milieu for many diseases.

For the fat constituents cheap plant oils like canola oil, or soy oil, which are considered as the most unhealthy option my many experts.

The protein isolate is highly processed, and extremely denatured, for the body hard to metabolize.

The added fibers in some drinks don’t function in their natural way and are irritating to the intestinal wall.

Aromas, dyes, emulsifiers are additional health risks, as well as pesticides, heavy metals and chemical residues.


VI. Artificial sweeteners


Some more “health conscious” brands avoid white sugar use instead for carbohydrates maltodextrin (or refined corn starch). There are no single health benefits of this replacement, maltodextrin has an even higher glycemic index than white sugar. For a sweet taste artificial sweeteners are added, which are highly neurotoxic. A study on mice showed that sweeteners like aspartame actually promote weight gain and not help losing weight.


VII. Why are formula drinks so expensive?


Like designer brands and pharmaceuticals there is no relation between retail price and manufacturing costs. Without exception the cheapest of the cheap ingredients are being used for drinks given to patients in hospitals.

A huge cut goes to advertising campaigns, some money goes into pseudo-scientific studies to justify the status as a medicine, and of course the formula drink industry has one of the largest profit margin of all.


VIII. Why do many people consider formula drinks to be helpful?


This feeling is largely an illusion with the placebo effect as a possible explanation, it depends on the suggestability of the patients.

The high price, the restricted availability, the recommendation by medical authorities makes those drinks desirable and creates the expectation of magical effects.

In no single aspect synthetic drinks are superior to natural food, there are more calorie dense, easier to digest, cheaper, tastier, more nutritious foods, also in liquid form, without all the harmful side effects.

The feeling of satiety might make them appear ideal for losing weight, but there won’t be a lasting weight loss on an unhealthy calorie-reduced diet.


IX. Why are formula drinks being used in hospitals?


Rockefeller medicine war created with evil intentions. The health industry is purely profit oriented. Medical treatments are based on suppressing symptoms. Neither causes nor cures of most diseases are know to modern medicine. Physicians working in institutions are indoctrinated and mostly incapable of questioning authorities and the predominant paradigm.


In the therapy of eating disordered the focus is shifted to weight gain (or loss). The high toxicity of formula drinks causes extracellular water storage in the body and creates the illusion of weight gain and success of therapy. Health insurances paying for therapies care about nothing but weight gain.

The financial survival of hospitals depends on chronically ill people addicted to drugs, in need of recurrent stationary treatments.


X. Why anorexics should avoid formula drinks?


Artificial feeding in particular by a feeding tube doesn’t heal any eating disorder, it promotes disordered eating habits. PEG-tubes are very risked (I myself almost died of a peritonitis). Anorexics should be encourage to eat like regular people and educate themselves about healthy eating.


XI. Why should cancer patients avoid formula drinks?


Even more than others cancer patients need a natural and nutritious diet to strengthen their immune system and starve their cancer cells.

Formula drinks do the opposite in combination with aggressive treatments like chemo or radiation. Nutritional advice in hospital is usually restricted to eating “low fat” and “high protein”, anything else would interfere with the notoriously unhealthy hospital food.


XII. The protein(powder) myth


Protein powder is based on two misconceptions:

1. Bodybuilders fail to get sufficient protein through a regular diet. Up to 30% protein is being recommended. A higher protein consumption equals faster muscle gain.

2. Protein isolate bypasses the digestive process and is readily available to the body after a workout.

Of the 5416 existing species of mammals, human mother’s milk has the lowest protein content, human growing at the slowest rate. Therefore, adults have a low protein need as well. The strongest animal in the world (gorilla) is feeding on a very low protein diet.

Most cases of protein deficiencies occur on caloric deficient diets or extremely unbalanced diets.

The natural and unprocessed state is more important for the protein quality than the amino acid profile.

Too much protein can me very detrimental to health and cause kidney damage and other health issues.

The process of isolating protein is very expensive and denatures it. My body couldn’t metabolize protein isolate at all, on 200 grams of protein exclusively through formula drinks I developed a protein deficiency, which shattered my doctor’s belief systems.


XIII. My own story


6 years ago I ended up very underweight in the psychiatry. I rejected their diagnoses and treatments and managed to escape, making myself very unpopular with my psychiatrists.

Formula drinks I called poison, and claimed they were hard to digest and metabolize for me.

On my return as a disciplinary action a force-feeding through a tube was ordered against my will.

My predictions came true, I continually lost weight on a high caloric artificial feeding, my blood levels got worse. They wouldn’t admit to their mistakes and kept going for many months not allowing me to eat any natural food, until I was near starvation death.


XIV. Missing scientific studies


There are no studies about formula drinks, only about nutritional requirements of a selection of nutrients. It is presupposed any kind of nutrients are equal.Most studies are being financed by the industry and manipulated (p-hacking). Studies with an inconvenient outcome are not published (publishing bias). Vaccines, antidepressant of chemo-medication is not even tested in placebo trials, (purporting that would be unethical), making them useless.

With spoiled food you immediately feel the health effect. Formula drinks affect your health over decades and are hard to detect in short-term studies.


XV. Parenteral Feeding


The only indication for synthetic food is when you have to be fed through your vein with a customized nutrient solution. It is very risky, I myself was fed in intensive care this way and lost a lot of weight. A girl I got to know who had a rare polyneuropathy and couldn’t digest any food through her intestines. Neither she could keep her weight by parenteral feeding and eventually starved to death while eating up to 6000 kcal a day which passed through her guts undigested.


XVI. "High-caloric"


High-caloric” is like “low-fat” a nonsense label used for marketing purposes. Compared to regular food 2,25 kcal is at best average in calorie-density. The false impression is conveyed, that weight-management is only about calories, and the only factor effecting the quantity of consumed calories would be the density, which is far from true.


XVII. Autism


A mother reported her autistic child be living on formula drinks and never being sick which she took for good health. In fact it shows, that the immune system is turned off, which can be life-threatening.


XVIII. Tube-feeding doesn’t prolong life


A 1997 in the state of Washington conducted study on dementia patients showed that tube-feeding didn’t extend the life span.

The same result showed an Italian study on terminal cancer patients.

A 1988 study at a Jewish hospital for geriatric patients assessed the risks and complications of tube feeding in 70 patients over a period of eleven months. The authors concluded from their results that feeding through a tube was associated with considerable risks or undesirable effects, such as severe restlessness, which occurred in more than 50 percent of the patients and regularly led to their fixation, which also also occurred in more than half of cases resulted in patient self-removal of the probe. Almost half of the patients developed pneumonia, caused by aspirated tube feeding.

"Performing a PEG tube feeding for financial or personnel reasons alone is not ethically justifiable. 
We call it bodily harm." Professor Georg Marckmann
IXX. Alternatives There are a few natural meal replacement brands with organic/raw/vegan ingredients that are slightly more
pricey. They tend to suffer from a protein obsession, too and often use unnecessarily isolated protein that
makes up to 40% of the calories.

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