Growing up in Berlin and Belgium with three siblings I suffered from my youth on from severe depressions. In my early twenties after my brother’s suicide I quit my university studies and started traveling form 2005 to 2011 in New Zealand, the South Pacific, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Central and South America, Hawaii, the Canary Islands and in the Caribbean. Although making valuable life experiences, radically changing my way of life and also having happy periods my feeling of alienation grew stronger. I failed settling down in the tropics outside the system as well as in social relationships. My loneliness and latent death wish in combination with an extreme diet somehow caused loss of appetite which made me lose weight and develop health issues, I was forced to move back to my parents. Not finding any organic causes I got stigmatizing diagnoses, that turned me into a social outcast shunned by relatives and friends, for years I lived in total isolation, involuntarily starving nobody understanding my body wouldn’t let me force food upon it. It were years of total desperation and feeling of hopelessness. Finally I ended up in the psychiatry which was worse than hell, a complete lack of empathy.

At last I was given up for death. Like a miracle I survived and managed to recover. Now I’ve taking on fighting evil powers that rule the world, like the psychiatry, the medical industry complex and the state, that is denying me justice.

I had revelations and transformative experiences that gave me certainty about the meaning of life, freed me of fears, helped me cope with my trauma and social stigmas, I’ve grown very strong and resilient and determined to fight against the system no matter what they will do to me.


In case of a victory in court I plan on leaving Germany for good and settling down in the tropics. 

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Daniel Mackler. Von diesem Lied habe ich gerade einen Ohrwurm.

Eine ausgezeichnete Einführung wie Psychiatrie funktioniert.

An Experience Much Worse Than Rape’: The End of Force-Feeding?
Ein Kapitel aus dem Buch "A History of Force Feeding" von Ian Miller.
Das vollständige Buch ist hier zu lesen:
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Force-feeding of rational prisoners has been a source of controversy for over a century. And recently, it has been a source of widespread condemnation by medical and human rights associations. Physicians for Human Rights and the American Medical Association both declared that, “forcible feeding is never ethically acceptable.” The World Medical Association released guidelines “concerning torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment,” which specifically address force-feeding — and these guidelines were endorsed by the Red Cross.

Ein Dokumentarfilm von Daniel Mackler über Schizophrenie, wo die Heilungserfolge ohne Psychopharmaka deutlich besser sind.







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