CCHR exposed!

CCHR is a Scientology front. They are doing some valuable work and their hatred of psychiatry is genuine, but they want to keep up the status quo of toxic psychiatry in order to promote DIANETICS as the much better alternative. Scientology and psychiatry have a symbiotic relationship with a mutual benefit of having each other as the archenemy. They are opportunists and ready to sell their ideals to advance Scientology's nefarious agenda.


As a psychiatry survivor in a corrupt legal system I was unable to find a lawyer or get any other support.

My last resort was to announce a public hunger strike to the court, knowing that with my particular history of psychiatric abuse they could neither force-feed me, nor let me die.

When I started my protest at populated places in Berlin including Germany’s most prestigious hospital at first they tried to end my hunger strike by intimidation and threats. Failing this attempt the system sent every day paid agents to me trying to discourage and manipulate me, in some cases it was really obvious.

On the fifth day they got CCHR to open up their exhibition “psychiatry - industry of death” (Psychiatrie: Tod statt Hilfe in German) close to my whereabouts, I took it for a strange coincidence.


On the 8th day a local woman from Scientology came by and told me I could end my hunger strike, CCHR would take care of my case. The next day I moved to the exhibition and got to talk to the German Scientology leader Bernd Trepping, who boasted Scientology had the best lawyers and they would support me financially and by other means. Although vary of Scientology I wished to have a powerful ally, and was of the belief that they had their own interest fighting psychiatry. Their exhibitions are very costly and don’t reach many people, I reasoned a scandalous lawsuit would be more effective, and a cooperation a win-win situation. I could sympathize with them because there was an obvious smear-campaign running by the German media and the Verfassungsschutz (German Intelligence).

I stayed with them for a few days and decided to end my hunger strike on the 11th day. Bernd called some media to arrange an interview, only one journalist showed up. Bernd advised to talk only about my ECT-treatment and not the actual scandal. We talked quite a long time about everything. It turned out the journalist was only allowed to write an article about ECT.

Bernd was a down-to-earth guy, not like you would expect from a Scientology leader, he and his wife were actually quite likable. Apparently in my case they benefited more by helping to cover up the scandal. In probable no other country Scientology is as infamous and hated by the media and the public as in Germany. A lawyer told me that Scientology funded lawsuits stand no chance in court.

In the following weeks the Scientologists didn’t reply to my e-mails. I realized the broken promise being quite angry. Bernd explained they couldn’t pay every psychiatry patient a lawyer. Obviously not, in almost any case it would be wasted money and time, but my case was the exception. I planned a second hunger strike. This time I printed fliers and a new banner, and was even more forward in my approach.


As my protest was getting uncomfortable for the system again, Bernd wrote me they changed their mind and would take care of my case, I should end my hunger strike and join them at a protest march in Vienna. Again I was blinded by my wishful thinking.

There was a reputed human rights lawyer I wanted to hire. Bernd agreed he would be the ideal choice, but he didn’t want me to contact him myself, knowing him personally.

In actuality he had another lawyer on his hand, he wanted me to meet. He was a nice family man and not specialized in psychiatry. It soon become apparent he got compromised and ordered not to work on my cases, he acted evasive when I confronted him. Much later it turned out CCHR never paid him a penny of lawyer fees.

By then I had contacted the other lawyer myself and met him, we got to an agreement. At this time I hinted for the first time my doubts about CCHR.

Their reaction was that “by chance” they were coming to my hometown to interview psychiatry patients. I was not interested.

My court cases didn’t do any progress for months, the court delayed sending the court files to my lawyer and with him I got a feeling he got compromised as well.

When I amounted more and more evidence how the system is trying to prevent my court cases I became convinced CCHR had been assigned not to help me but to mislead me. I decided to play this trump against the system. I told Bernd about everything and that I would keep quiet if they gave me a loan to pay the lawsuits.

At first they tried to just ignore my accusations and invited me to their Holocaust Memorial.

They said as a church they just couldn’t give loans, and actually CCHR and Scientology completely independent of each other. CCHR was just a human rights organization, Scientology just a harmless church.

He was the opinion I only got false information about Scientology from books, in reality they would never manipulate people. There was no such a thing as “Suppressive Person”.

Then he said he wouldn’t believe in an end of coercive psychiatry. In his 28 years at CCHR he had witnessed hundred of lawsuits against psychiatrists, many had more proof than in my case and none were successful. He sounded like my first corrupt lawyer. I’m sure none of them actually looked into my case. They want me to think it’s all hopeless anyway and give up.



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Force-feeding of rational prisoners has been a source of controversy for over a century. And recently, it has been a source of widespread condemnation by medical and human rights associations. Physicians for Human Rights and the American Medical Association both declared that, “forcible feeding is never ethically acceptable.The World Medical Association released guidelines “concerning torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment,” which specifically address force-feeding — and these guidelines were endorsed by the Red Cross.

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Er war während seines 58 Tage andauernden Hungerstreiks künstlich ernährt worden, der Gefängnisarzt hatte in den letzten zwei Wochen jedoch täglich nur 400 bis 800, in den letzten vier Tagen nur 400 kcal verabreichen lassen. 

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